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My Goal With Premium Dating Services

I have been involved in the dating scene for many years. In fact, I have been looking at internet dating sites for over 5 years. I am amazed at how many new dating sites appear online daily. I am even more amazed at the low quality of many of them. I recall my frustrations when searching for specific dating categories and many times being automatically redirected over and over again to the same dating services such as date.com or match.com.

Don't get me wrong, date.com and match.com are both excellent sites and are two of my recommended sites. My point is that searching for quality information on the Internet about niche dating site categories is next to impossible.

I thought it was time that someone (it turned out to be me!) should put together a site with pages relating to specific dating categories. If you search for say "adult dating" then it would be nice to find an information page on quality dating sites that focus on "adult dating" and not be automatically redirected to the same dating sites over and over.

Also annoying, was the number of sites that simply provided links to hundreds of dating sites, only with several good sites. If I search for a dating category then I would like to find information on dating sites that fit that category, not just a list of links.

My goal with this site was to provide specific information on the different dating services offering a particular dating category. So, if you are looking for "romance chat rooms", you should be referred to a page with useful information on dating sites with "romance chat rooms", the keyword being "useful information" on those particular dating sites. I hope I am achieving that goal.

I would welcome your feedback on this site. Please email me personally with your comments.

I started building this site part time but now find myself spending more and more time searching the Internet and adding useful information on dating services as I discover it. I have many ideas for this site but it is way to premature to tell you about these now.

Best of luck with your dating encounters. Let me know how you go!


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