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Webdate.com is a fun, safe and easy way to meet other singles.

Webdate offers all of these features and more:
• Free online profiles with pictures and video
• Free searches and profile browsing
• Free safe anonymous email messaging to other users
• Free live video chat rooms

Web date.com is filled with thousands of profiles from men and women looking to meet someone special, like you.

Finding the perfect person at Webdate is fun and easy and only takes a few minutes of time to get started.
1. Signup for free and create your online profile.
2. Search out other singles or sit back and wait for them to find you.

Your personal information is kept completely private and anonymous so that no one can find out your real name, email or address without you telling them! When you join webdate.com you get your own unique email address @ webdate.com. This email address then forwards messages to your real email account, keeping your real email address private and secure.

Webdate.com Video Chat
At www.webdate.com you can see and talk to other users using the live video and audio tele-conferencing software. Live video chat rooms are a fun place to meet and talk with other users before going on an actual date. Once you have signed up and created your profile you will have the ability to make and join video rooms. Inside video rooms you can see, talk too and text chat with other people logged into the room. You can create a private room and only invite the users you want there or you can make it public and video chat with a group of people at the same time.
Click the "live video chat" tab on the toolbar. Once you're in you should see a list of rooms. Click on the room you would like to enter and then click the "join this room" button. You can see other people in the chat room by clicking on their name in the room list.

How do I create a private room?
You create a webdate private room by click the "activate my private room" button. If you created the private room, when you are prompted for the password enter the password of your choosing and click ok. If you want to invite others to join your private room you must email them your password so that they are able to authenticate with our secure servers. The webdate.com private rooms are totally secure and unmoderated for your privacy.

Webdate Email
During the registration process you are asked for an email where to send your validation link. All emails will be forwarded to that email address anonymously. No other webdate user will ever get you real email address. If you would like to change the email address you click on the account settings link add your new email and follow the online instructions. To send email, simply go to the profile that you want to send an email to and click the envelope icon.

Webdate.com Login
In order to sign into webdate.com your browser settings must be set to accept cookies. If you are having problems logging in more than likely this is the cause. You must go to your browser settings by clicking on tools then internet options click privacy and set your cookies to no more than medium. If this does not fix your login issues than click on the login problems report on the login page.


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