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Swingersdateclub.com is a popular site for swingers. They offer a free trial which will allow you to join and check the many features the site has to offer.

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www.swingersdateclub.com is the place to get in contact with other same open minded couples and sexy singles.

Some of the features are listed below:

Search Features
There are many ways to search for members. You can search for a particular member. You do not need to know the entire members name, you can use the first few letters of their name. Use the "Show within a distance range of" to search for members within a given range (next door to everywhere) by miles. This is as the crows flies. Other ways to search are by age, profile pictures, and search for members that have joined within the last week.

www.swingersdateclub.com Extended Search
The extended search feature allows you to be much more specific about your search criteria and will allow you to do a Search over and over again without having to fill in all the criteria every time. You can even search the member Profile for certain words or combination of words. So if you are looking for a biker and a blonde just put those words into the Keyword boxes and click Search!

Who's online
From this page you can see which members are online, if they have Validations, you check their profile etc.

Show only Profile with their Voice Recorded.
Use this to search for those members that have recorded a message to their Profile. You can also add a voice recording to your own profile.

Favorites/My Block List.
On this page you will see a list of all those members that you have added to your Favorites or that you have blocked from contacting you. Also from this page you can remove and of these Members/blocks.

Personal Notes.
Use this page just as you would an Address book - keep notes, address's, phone numbers etc..

The picture page will allow you to upload photos to either your Profile or Photo Album.

Standard Letters.
In the Mailbox Write page you have 3 Standard Letters. Use this to keep the most common letter you type over and over again.

Mail History.
Who wrote you what? Forget who did. Just use this to see a list of ALL your Mailbox History. Mail is kept for about 60 days then is is deleted from the system.

Send a Chat request
When you want to chat with somebody go to Who's Online and look for this icon next to the members name.

Swingersdateclub.com Chat
While you are talking to the member you click on the PROFILE, button and the profile from this person will show up with all the Information you are looking for. When a member has more pictures (you can have 24 Pictures on a profile, and 36 in your personal Photo Album) you just click on the little camera's or look at them all in 1 click.

Online Instant Messenger
The Light version gives you the Instant Messenger, to use your Webcam , Microphone, or to send file(s), you will need the Full Version.

VidWebChat IM (full version).
The swingersdateclub.com instant messenger must be downloaded - This includes features like Video, Voice, Send Video Mail, etc... -
The Full version gives you not only the Instant Messenger but much more, including
* Send/Receive Video with other members. You can even turn off your Video.
* Filter/Sort by member name, location, age etc...
* Add Voice to your profile.
* View members profile before you accept an instant message

Rating Swingersdateclub.com Members
O.K. you like the member, don't like them, love them etc.. Think of this as a "little black book" type rating. And YES ONLY you can see these.

Blocked Mail & Instant Message.
You can block members from sending you Mail AND from IM'ing you.

www.swingersdateclub.com has many excellent features and a number of flash tutorials explaining how to use the many features of the site.

Testimonials from Swingersdateclub.com

We had a wonderful time last night. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves to us. We have really enjoyed our membership in SDC.
Joan and George

We salute you. Mr. Helpdesk. We think your web site is great. We are just getting acquaint and think it is well worth to become a member.
Keep up with he good job. ALICE-MADHAT thanks Ron!
Swingersdateclub.com is BY FAR the most REAL site we've seen!
Matt SCOTNBEK Hey Ronald -

KNOCKOUT After looking at countless date sites - swingersdateclub.com is the best, most user friendly site on the web.
Gerry&Andrea OPEN122411

Swingersdateclub.com is really more up and coming than ever, btw. I love the new partnerships & event ideas. Early on, you mentioned how "others" copying your style was actually a compliment. I think that is so true. In fact, just FYI - I'm on a couple other sites that are doing just that -- following your lead (I believe) in arriving at new & better ways to serve us. And hey, that's always a good thing!!
Thanks for all you do.

Thanks for all that you do at swingersdateclub.com. We thorough enjoy this site and have had great success with meeting great couples and as well as singles on this site. You all do a great job and we appreciate you all listening to us.
Randall and Susan


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