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Dating Site Review: ( ) was founded in 1991, and today is one of the largest internet introduction services designed exclusively for Christians. Since 1991, they have had hundreds of thousands of members. say they have received thousands of letters telling of new romances, engagements and marriages. Through this service, thousands of single Christians have expanded their social circle and found wonderful new Christian friends, romance and excitement!

The next successful relationship could be yours!

Is right for you?
• Do you ever find it difficult to meet single Christians?
• Want to stay away from the bar scene and game playing?
• Have you tried expensive dating services only to find (after spending hundreds of dollars) that they fall far short of your expectation?
• Do you have a lonely void that can only be met by another Christian with a faith like yours?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then is for you!

To use fully, you must turn off any programs that keep you from opening "pop-ups" in your web browser. uses pop-up windows liberally. They are used when sending mail, viewing additional photos, online messaging etc. Don't worry though. do not advertise here in the members area. You should never receive any annoying advertisements.

On the left of most pages you will see some links to click on. Most of your questions or problems can be taken care of with one of those links. Its probably best to start with the "Photo" link. This will give you some instructions on how to send your photo. strongly recommend that you put a photo with your ad. Photo ads get many times more responses than those without.

Remember, to get mail, you must send mail. Do not "wait" for a response to your ad. Instead, do the responding. (Imagine if everyone placed an ad then just waited... They'd all be waiting, and waiting, and waiting....) Instead, send lots and lots of mail to other members. Remember the parable by Jesus about sowing the seed? Some seed will fall by the way-side. But the more seeds you sow, the more likely you will have some plants that grow.

Searching on
It will probably take a couple of search sessions to understand exactly how the search page works. Don't be discouraged if you don't understand it all at once. Once you've used it a couple of times it will flow easier. recommend that you don't be too restrictive in your searching. Remember, that special person could be "just outside" the range of your selections. So, be open with your searches and you'll be much more successful.

Once you find an ad that you want to respond to, just click on "Send a Message!" at the bottom of the ad. Type your message in the box, then click "Send Message. Your note will be sent to that person's mail box and they will be able to reply back to you." Free Trial have a small restriction while you are on free-trial status. When you send someone a mail message, you cannot enter your email address in your mail messages. This restriction will be lifted when you become a paid member. Other than that, you have no other restrictions during this free-trial. online messaging and mail messages?
When you are searching the ads/profiles and you find someone that you would like to contact, click on "Send a Message." From the next page you will type a note and when you click "Send" your message will be delivered instantly to that member's mail box. The other party does not need to be logged in for you to send them a message. Online Messaging
Online Messaging is a way to communicate with someone who is online now. When you send someone an Online Message the system will "hold" your message until the other party does "something" on the site. The next time that party refreshes a page, or goes to a new page then your message will pop-up on their screen. They will then have the option of writing back to you. You will be able to communicate in real time. is a very popular Christian singles site is is well worth the free trial.


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