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Registration on Matrimonials is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3! In a single smooth procedure, you can become a member and post your profile. All you need to do is, fill out the required information in the Member Registration Form as accurately as possible.

What are the benefits of registering on Shaadi Matrimonials?
You get lots of FREE services when you register
• You can post your personal profile.
• You can contact other members.
• You can respond to people who contact you.
• You can add more information about yourself and your family.
• You can even upload/add your photograph to your profile.
• You can create a partner profile of the kind of person you are looking for.
• You get your own My Shaadi panel where you can get statistics about how many people viewed your profile, how many contacted you and how many people match your partner profile.
• You can bookmark the profiles that you like as 'Favourites' to view later.

What is the meaning of Premium Membership?
A Premium Membership means a paid membership to We have various packages and options to help you access advanced features of A Premium Membership helps you find an ideal matrimony partner quickly and easily.

What are the advantages of becoming a Premium Member?
Besides all the privileges available to Free members, Premium Matrimonial Members get top notch services and benefits that are not available to members who choose a free membership.
• Premium Matrimonial Members can contact and send messages to other members of Matrimonials.
• They can send their profile information along with the initial message sent when initiating contact with another member which helps in increasing responses.
• Further, they are free to communicate with all other members who have accepted their initiation.
• Premium members also get privileged discounts to events as well as other services introduced by Matrimonials from time to time.
• Premium members also get increased storage meaning that messages in their inboxes are not deleted for 60 days. Regular members get only 30 days.

What is partner profile?
The partner profile describes your preferences for a matrimony partner. Other members can view your partner profile and if they think that their profile matches your preferences, they can contact you. Also, the Shaadi profile matching service matches your partner profile with other members' personal profiles and gives you a list of those matching profiles.

How can I search for my partner on Matrimonials? What are the search options available?

To search for your matrimonial partner you can use the Quick Search, the Advanced Search or you can browse the photographs in the Members Photo Club.
• The Quick Search allows you to quickly find partners on the basis of the country they live in, their religion, and age.
• The Advanced Search option gives you more detailed search options. The additional search options include height, education, occupation, marital status, whether they have children, complexion, etc.
• The Members Photo Club lets you view photographs of members and then view their profiles. Keep in mind that not all members add their photographs.

The Saved search option allows you to save up to three searches with different criteria. After saving a search, all you have to do is run the same again and get the list of members who suit your profile.

In what order are the partner search results listed?
The matrimonial partner search results get updated continually. The most recent matrimonial profiles are listed at the top so that you can view and get to know the newest members of Matrimonials.

What is the eMatchmaker™ service of Matrimonials?
The eMatchmaker™ is a sophisticated proprietary application developed specially for members to ensure a higher degree of matrimonial success. As the name suggests, the eMatchmaker™ matches matrimonial profiles with a high degree of potential compatibility.

How does eMatchmaker™ match my profile with other members' profiles?
To illustrate how eMatchmaker™ works lets see an example:
• Geeta is a 22-year old Hindu working girl, slim and fair. She is looking for a 25-28 year old Hindu boy, working as a computer professional.
• Ganpat is 25-year old, Hindu, and a computer professional in USA. He is looking for a 22-25 year old Hindu working girl.
• Thus, there is excellent compatibility between Geeta and Ganpat i.e. a two-way eMatch has occurred!
The eMatchmaker™ works automatically once you have set up your profile and partner profile. For the eMatchmaker™ service to be able to work more effectively, you must include as many details as possible in you personal profile and also specify a partner profile.

How can I see matrimonial profiles matched by eMatchmaker™?
Login to your My Shaadi panel. Under " Your Profile Statistics" you will find the eMatchmaker™ link. Click on the same will show you eMatched profiles. Currently, this feature is available only to Premium members.

Why am I not getting many messages and/or matches?
There can be many reasons why you are not receiving many responses. It is possible that your Personal Matrimonials Profile does not match the member's matrimonial requirements specified in his/her Partner Profile. Also, perhaps the member may be more interested in other partners at this time. It is also a good idea to check what the member is looking for in his/her partner, before sending Contact Email to the member. Also, don't forget to fill in more information about yourself before you send a contact. It encourages people to accept your contacts.

Can I see any statistics about my matrimonial profile?
Yes. After you login to your My Shaadi panel you will be able to see a list of statistics in the "Your Profile Statistics" section. You can see statistics like how many people viewed your profile, your favorite profiles, Members whose requirements you meet, Members who match your Partner requirements, Members who contacted you and Members who you contacted.

.How do I contact other members?
It's really simple and its FREE. To contact, you need to be logged in. Follow these steps:
•On any profile that you like, click on 'Contact Now' option next to the space for photograph or scroll to the end of the matrimonials profile.
• Select the checkbox with the caption 'Tick this box to confirm your interest' to confirm your interest.
• Click the 'Contact Now' button.
An email will be sent to that member telling them of your interest. Likewise, when other members like your matrimonial profile they can contact you using similar procedure.

What is the Contacts Filter feature?
The Contact Filter feature lets you filter messages from other members on the basis of criteria such as caste, religion, age, etc. Members whose matrimonial profiles do not meet your filter criteria cannot send you messages. You can use this option if you are getting too many unwanted messages.

Can I send messages to any of the members of Matrimonials?
Yes. As a Premium Member you can send customized messages send:
1. A 255-character personalized message with every Contact, Accept or Decline mail.
2. Messages through our Private Messaging System to any member of provided you both have accepted each other.

Can I send messages to other members free of charge?
To send customized messages to other members of you need to be a Premium Member of Premium Membership consists of paid services that offer you premium matrimony services and features. However, you can contact any other member of free of charge.

Can I send messages and receive messages from members who have a free membership?
You can send a customized message to any member of irrespective of the kind of matrimonials membership package they are subscribed to, provided you have accepted each other. However, you must be a Premium Member to send customized messages. Members who have a free subscription to can only contact or reply to messages that they receive from other Premium Members.

What is the Messaging System?
The Messaging System helps registered members of to communicate with one another using a sophisticated interactive messaging interface. The System helps members to send messages, receive messages and save the messages to their private e-mail accounts.

How can I communicate with other members?
As a Premium Matrimonials Member you can use premium services and features that are not available to free members. However, you will not be given the contact details of other members. The contact details of members are withheld to ensure member privacy and safety. You may get contact details from members themselves by contacting them using the Messaging Service of

What is Personalized Messaging?
You can communicate with all members who have 'accepted' you irrespective of whether they are Premium Members or not.

What is Bold Listing?
Bold Listing will make your listing stand out from amongst thousands of other matrimonials! Your listing will be made bold and highlighted by a yellow band for maximum visibility.

The bold highlights will be displayed on:
• The search results pages.
• The "Members who match your Partner requirements" page.
• The "Members whose requirements you meet" page.
• The eMatchmaker™ page.

The more visible your matrimonials listing is the more people are likely to contact you and hence greater your chances of finding the right match.

What is Cool Contacts?
Cool Contacts is a service wherein when you contact a member, a customized e-mail is sent to them through This e-mail contains the following information about you:
Gender, Matrimonial Status, Country Of Residence, Age, Height, Religion, Occupation and Photograph - Yes / No (The photograph will not be emailed) A customized mail always ensures great responses.


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