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Dating Site Review: is an adult dating service with features including instant messaging, video chat, automatch, search, hotlist and more.

Why should I create multiple profiles?
You wear different clothes to go to different places or for different occasions, right? Why not show the different aspects of your personality through multiple profiles? Some days you might be in a playful mood - create a sexsearch profile that shows your fun-loving side. Other times you're just plain horny - write something strong and to the point to maximize your chances of finding someone in the same mood. Have a special fantasy that you've been dying to try? Write a profile to attract people who have similar tastes. The great part is that you can hide or show different profiles depending on your mood and desires!

How do I create multiple profiles?
First, you need to be a Gold or Silver member. Or click on the "Active Profile" drop down on the left navigation are and select "Add Profile". If you are a Gold or Silver member, click on "Add Additional Profiles" on the Account Options page. You're then able to create and view new profiles.

How do I upload/delete a video?
From the Member Home Page, click on "Account" on the top Navigation Bar. Click on "Upload Video Profile" and follow the instructions on that page.

Can I receive mail even if I'm not a paying member?
No, To send and receive mail within the system you must upgrade your membership

How many emails can I send and receive?
If you're a sexsearch Basic member you can't send email but you can receive them from a Gold or Silver member. Silver members can send/receive 25 emails; Gold may send or receive 100. A Basic member can show interest in another member, but must upgrade to send email.

How do I block/unblock somebody from sending me mail?
You can block or unblock a member's email from the "View Profile" page, by clicking on the "Block Member" button located on the left side of the page. You can also block or unblock members from the Email page, if you are a Gold or Silver member.

How do I create/delete Mail folders?
If you are a Basic member, you must upgrade to Silver or Gold status to create or delete Mail folders. If you are already a Silver or Gold member, you can add or delete folders from the "Manage Folders" page, accessible on the "Mail".

What is "Show Interest" and how do I use it?
" Show Interest" is your way of flirting with another member. If you think you might be a good match for the person you're looking at and reading about you'll want to "show interest". You can show interest in another member by clicking on the "Show Interest" button on the left navigation bar while viewing someone's profile or on the Search Result page.

How do I turn email alerts on/off?
Go to the Email Notification Settings page from the "Mail" page or "Account Options" page. There you'll be able to set your preferences for AutoMatch, hotlists, interest lists and other special features.

How do I view other people's hotlists?
All members can view any other member's hotlist by clicking on the person's profile and then clicking "View Hotlist".

What is AutoMatch?
AutoMatch lets you choose as many or as few characteristics of your ideal mate as you wish, then sends those matches to you by email. The entire sexsearch database is searched for those people who exactly match your specifications. You can save your AutoMatch settings, and we'll regularly update you as new members join. You can also change those settings, and we'll automatically respond to your new choices.

What is a QuickSearch and how do I do one?
QuickSearch is the fast and easy way to find compatible sexsearch members and link up! Click "QuickSearch" on the Member Home Page to get to the Quick Search page. Make choices for the characteristics listed and press "search". Our entire database quickly searches and returns potential matches.

How do I do an Advanced Search?
If you would like to be more explicit in your tastes and choices, try an Advanced Search. There are many more search criteria which, while narrowing your choices, will make those choices almost exactly what you're looking for! Click "Search" on the top navigation bar, or "Advanced Search" on the Member Home Page.

Sexsearch Membership Levels
What's the difference between Basic, Silver and Gold?
- Basic members can do general, basic member searches.
- Basic members can upload photos and videos
- Basic members can show interest to other members.
- Basic members can add people to their hotlist.

Silver members get all of the benefits of a Basic membership, plus:
- Silver members can view all members' photos and videos
- Silver members can contact all other sexsearch members
- Silver members can do advanced searches
- Silver members get listed above all Basic members in all search results

Gold members get VIP access to everything that Sexsearch has to offer:
- Gold members get full access to The Gold Room (The nets largest hardcore porn site)
- Gold members can view all members' photos and videos
- Gold members can contact all other members
- Gold members get listed above all Basic, and Silver members in all search results.
- Gold members can do advanced searches
- Gold members can upload photos and videos
- Gold members can show interest to other members.
- Gold members can add people to their hotlist.

What is the goldroom?
The internet's largest hardcore porn site.
Only members with a Gold Membership can access the Goldroom.

Some of the content in the Goldroom doesn't work.
Sexsearch claim to spend over $20,000 every month to provide Gold Members with all the best photos, streaming movies, downloadable videos, and live webcam shows. They closely monitor the Goldroom, so they are aware of any internal technical difficulties, and will immediately fix them as they arise.


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