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MPwH is a dating site for people with herpes. A full-service site with personal ads and pictures, chat rooms, message boards, and lots of fun and caring people. provide a caring, sympathetic, and nurturing environment for people with herpes to meet and interact with others in a similar situation.
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Getting Started
If you are new to Meet people with Herpes, or to Internet Dating, the site may seem a little daunting. If that is the case, just read down this page and it will help get you going.

MPwH is a site where you can meet a lot of people in a safe and secure way. The joy of the Internet is that it can be very discreet as well as giving you quick and easy access to exactly the people you are looking to get to know.

There is much to do on MPwH, as you can see by all the buttons on the left! But do not worry. Just start in slow and learn one thing, then another thing, and soon you'll be bouncing around all areas of the site taking part in the many activities here, and more importantly, meeting other great Members just like yourself who want to meet and interact with you!

Before you start, let us tell you that no amount of written advice is going to take the place of clicking around, so be prepared to do that. You'll soon find your way. Also, if you have any technical difficulties, check the Technical Help BBS, as maybe someone else is having the same problem and can advise you quicker than the staff can get back to you!

Your Information
First, know that we have lots of Members, and on any given day over 3,000 of them log in to check out the site. Every Member has a Member number - a little impersonal, we know, but that's where people start. Further down this page you will learn how to get a Chat Name for yourself, if you haven't already, and that's how you will mostly be known to other members.

Each of the members has chosen a category which generally describes what they are looking for on MPwH. We have several different categories which we have developed over the years.

Although this is a dating site, many of the Members are looking for friends also, and so there are many people here who might want to interact with you.
Your profile gives people some information about you, with the answers to the questions we asked you. Here is what other Members get when they click to see your information. If you do not have any text with your ad, or a picture, you may want to consider adding these.

Other features
Many of the Members also choose a Chat Name, and we suggest that you do. A "Chat Name" is a nickname that you use for MPwH activities. As well as being used in the Chat Room, it is also featured everywhere else that you go - on your ad, Bulletin Board messages, Psst! messages, and so on. Everyone on MPwH has a different Chat Name.

Many more of the members also choose a Chat Icon. It's a cute little picture that goes with your information. Again, it is used everywhere on the site, not just in Chat. This is your Chat Icon.

Finding People on MPwH
There are several ways to get to know and meet people on MPwH.

The ads
Most people spend their time finding out about the other Members by browsing the ads and profiles. It's the Search & Browse button on the left, near the top. You can search for people in your area or any other place by category, age, and various other criteria. You can see only the ads and profiles that have pictures, and many people do this (it's why it's a good idea to have a picture with your ad). If you are upgraded, you can send a response to any other Member who you find. This response is sent to their email address, and is also available on the site here for 30 days in the Responses area.

Some people fill out the question part but do not post any text. So their ads are less interesting, and they are featured at the bottom of the lists. However, those Members are every bit as great as the ones who HAVE written something, so we encourage people to review those Members also.

Once you have found some people of interest, you can add them to your Buddy List so you can remember them for later. On MPwH, the other Member does not know if they are on your Buddy list, so it's a confidential way for you to keep track of people you are interested in as well as your friends.

HMatch(c) is the proprietary matching system that takes all your criteria and processes them to find other members that you may be compatible with. It can be uncannily accurate - it can also be very sensitive, going from 100 matches to zero with the change of one parameter! So you have to spend time and play with it. It involves changing the criteria that you are looking for, as well as the criteria about yourself. Many people have found that what was in their ad was actually quite restrictive and that easing off a little in your requirements can open the door to some great new people. So try it out.

Online Members
Although you can actually choose to see Online Members using a variety of criteria in the Search & Browse area, you can also see the entire list of people who are online and want to be seen, in the Online Members area. If you are upgraded you can send them a Psst! message. This is a great way to start chatting with other members, so try it out.

Tagged Members
Tagged Members are those who you have "tagged" by placing them on your Buddy List, your Flirt List, or your Ignore List. On the Tagged Members page you can keep track of all these other Members. Learn to use these features as they work well and will stand you in good stead!

How to Contact Members
There are various ways to contact people whom you encounter on MPwH. The traditional way is to send them a response from their ad. You must be upgraded to do this. That response is emailed to them, and also listed on the site in the Responses area.

Psst Message
Another way to contact someone is to send them a Psst message. This works best if they are online - however, if you open the Psst! page you can send a response to any Member, online or not. Initiating a Psst! exchange is reserved for upgraded members. Any Member can respond to a Psst! that they receive.

The Psst! Page
The Psst! Page gives a little more detail about Pssts. It also lets you open the Psst Page and the Psst Alert Window, which hides in the background and alerts you if you have a new Psst. You can also see if you have a new Psst every time you click on an MPwH page, as there is an message which will show at the top of the page.

Another way to contact someone is to Flirt with them. This is your best bet if you are not upgraded. The other member will see a Flirt Alert when they log in and will know that you are "flirting" with them - they can decide whether to contact you or not.

You can also communicate with people via the Bulletin Boards and the Chat Rooms. See the MPwH areas and features page for more information.

MPwH Areas and Features
As well as having ads and profiles, we have a lot of other areas and things to do.

Small Talk
Small Talk is kind of a very slow, mini-chat room. You can check it every now and then and leave a message. The conversations so far have been fun and if you have never visited MPwH Chat, or Internet Chat at all, then it's a good place to start to see what you're in for!

The Chat Rooms
The Chat Rooms are quite interesting. Internet Chat is a culture all of its own. MPwH have several different rooms, although most members at any given time are congregating in one or two. Currently, all members, even ones who have not upgraded, can get into the New Members Chat room. The Chat Rooms can be a little fast if you are not familiar with them, but people are very friendly so give it a shot! The first time into the Chat Room it will take a while to load, so be patient!

The Bulletin Boards
The Bulletin Boards are incredible - the "hidden secret" of MPwH. The high quality and caliber of the messages posted there is amazing. Upgraded members can see all the boards, and if you are not upgraded you can see the latest posts on the Banter Board only. There is a Support board there also, and also a board for planning local activities for groups of Members.

Best of the Bulletin Boards
There is so much information on the Bulletin Boards that MPwH decided to make a special page to feature some of the best conversations (or "threads" as they are known in Internet jargon). the focus is on support and helpful advice. The best of the BBS is a feature that was originated by one of the Members, who also identified the particular threads that you see there.

Tagged Members
On the Tagged Members page you can keep track of all the people with whom you are flirting, and whom you have placed on your Buddy List and Ignore list. Learn to use these features as they work well and will stand you in good stead!

The My Responses page lists all the recent responses between you and other Members. Responses are kept for 30 days. All responses are also emailed to the recipient.


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