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Dating Site Review: is the best way to meet singles in your city or around the world! Search the member profiles with personal messages, photos, videos, and voice messages from singles that are anxious to meet you! Sign up for a free membership to create your own profile, visit the chat rooms, message boards, dating tips and more! is designed to be the premier place on or off the Internet for single adults to meet. The site was created by single adults who understand how frustrating it can be to meet other quality people. The goal was to provide an easy-to-use, highly effective, low-cost service that will assist single adults in making compatible connections in their city. allows single adults to connect privately with others who share common interests, values, goals and/or background, while avoiding the awkward, often difficult settings that currently exist (i.e. personals, dating services, singles bars, most other Internet services).

Metrodates goal is that members will connect with other quality people and be able to explore whether a dating relationship can be developed. In the event a dating relationship does not materialize, by making compatible connections with quality people, you may find this service can also be extremely useful in expanding each member's social network.

Why Works

Once you begin using Metrodate's ultra-comprehensive dating tools such as voice and picture personals, customized searches, and state-of-the-art matching service, it will become clear to you that as an online meeting place for singles worldwide, is a step above the rest.

It could be that you have apprehensions about meeting someone new on the internet. That's okay! If you're unfamiliar with internet dating, it can seem like a strange world of potential weirdoes and desperate hermits. The truth is, millions of people are doing it, and there is simply no safer way to meet someone. Plus, there's no better way to get to know someone without having to give away any of your secure personal information. Search
Metrodate let you search from a global list of close to 200,000 members, that you can filter and sort based on your tastes for someone with whom you have something in common. Then all you have to do is send a quick note to let them know they've sparked your interest. There's practically no potential for embarrassment, and chances are that you will hear back from a single whose interests are just like yours! Keep in mind: everyone is on Metrodates for the same reason! Chat
After that, you can chat safely with a potential date for as long as you want and find out more about their interests and personality, and then YOU get to choose the right time for a date if things go well. Never before has there been a way to date that gives you so much control over who you can meet and how fast you can let your relationship progress, without putting too much on the line.

So if you have realistic expectations, some patience and are a bit adventurous, will work for you. You will meet people in YOUR city, you will be able to "narrow the field of play" to people with whom you have something in common AND if you use Metrodate state-of-the-art match service you will be connected with compatible people, guaranteed.

And if you have tried some other service (i.e. Internet service, personals, chat, dating services, etc.), they are confident that you will see a difference at If you are reaching out for the first time to this type of service, you will soon be very pleased with the possibilities offers you. Enjoy!'s Mail System
When Sending a message:
• For your privacy, your real e-mail address is kept secret. You decide when to give your real contact information.
• You can tell if the other member has read your message!
• You must be a premium member, or must be contacted first before you can send a message.
• Once you've contacted someone, additional messages to that member are free!

When Receiving a message:
• You can receive and read messages for free!
• You can reply for free!
• You will receive an e-mail alert, but will need to log in to read your new message.
• The "Block Sender" button prevents further messages from that user, to prevent harassing messages.

Notes about your Metrodate mailbox:
• Easily view your entire past conversation by member.
• Members in your favorites list are listed first.
• Members who are disabled, frozen, or blocked by you will be removed from your mailbox page, although these messages are still available.

Metrodate say their goal is to provide the most effective and comfortable resource on the Internet for single adults to meet. Success Stories!
"Here is a selection of member testimonials! Works! We're thrilled to provide such a valuable service and we wish luck to all our clients who have found each other on!"

" I lost touch with a beloved companion and then found him again on Metrodate. We are happily in touch again heading for perhaps something quite wonderful!"
- Anonymous (Massachusetts)

" I would like to thank Metrodate for helping me find my soulmate. I met him for the first time on January 3rd, and we have been growing stronger and stronger ever since then. Thank you for making my new year so special."
- Michelle (Philadelphia)

" I met my soul mate on Metrodate. Finally after looking for so long, she is here and we are together. No words can describe my feelings of joy, happiness and serenity."
- Jacques (Ottawa)

" Thanks, Metrodate! :-) I wanted to update you on the relationship I found here and tell you that Rob and I are engaged and planning a wedding for early June, 2004. We met on your site almost 2 years ago, started dating exclusively last March and knew within 1 month that we would be getting married this year. He made it official just before Christmas and we've already got things rolling for our wedding. I can't thank you enough!!"
- Yvonne (Philadelphia)

" Met a man that's beyond anything I've ever dreamed of. He's poetic, sexy, sensitive, well-rounded. We have a "connection" that is out of this world. It's been crazy, but we're moving forward with plans on being together... hopefully forever! Thanks!"
- Beli (Charlotte)

" Metrodate has been alot of fun. Serendipity ruled the day I met Scott. We were both were on the chat line for the first and, since, only time. We were both consoling a third person who was so sad and lonely. We noticed that we were basically giving the same advice and began chatting with each other. Our humor matched. The pace of our wit fit like a glove. And Scott is wonderful, sensitive with an added dash of intelligence that is often the missing ingrediant or the ingrediant that most stores sell out of early. Well, wish us luck. I'll keep you updated on the progress of love."
- Leisa (Toronto)

" Hello! I would like to tell you all that your service does work! Almost a year ago I met a man on metrodate we chatted via email for a while, then talked on the phone for almost a month before we had our first date. We fell in love and got married on Nov 29th! just wanted to let you all know! :-)"
- Sylvia (Austin)

" I am so happy to have met the man of my dreams. I never would have believed this possible. Keith and I will be married soon... and we owe it all to Metrodate."
- Barb (Indianapolis)

" Hello Dear Friends at Metrodate, I wish you could see my satisfied grin. I found my connection. Love and affection in your direction,"
- Terry (Portland)

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