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All new users to receive a free trial account. This gives you the opportunity to see how matchmaker works and meet other members of the community. Once the trial account has expired, you can convert your account to a full membership, with complete access privileges. This dating service has a huge database of members and you can join the specific niche community you are interested in.

Your free trial account gives you the following:
A full member profile page including photos and a voice greeting.
An anonymous email address with the ability to send 100 email messages.
Instant Messaging.
Unlimited browse, search, and match capability.

If you purchase a full membership, you will receive in addition to the above:
Unlimited email
Unlimited Friends
Chat access (unless you have already posted a photo) - Match Feature
The match feature is a great way to quickly compare other members' questionnaire answers with your own. The match percentage summarizes the similarities between you and other members. The higher the percentage the closer to the perfect match! The match tool can also be used to single out members based on the criteria you enter.
The results will give you a list of profiles in the community that the system recommends sorted by match percentage. This list will be saved, so when you log back on and go to the Match page, you can view your most recent Match list. A match percentage of 30% or greater is considered to be an excellent match.

Matchmaker - Browse
Browse allows you to find a member in the match maker community by typing his or her member name in the field and hitting the browse button. Here you may view the user's profile statistics, which include answers to the multiple-choice questions, essay answers, and photos (if any are posted). You can also choose to send an email from here, make a diary note , or add the user to your friends list.

Check out the stickers located above and to the right of the profile. Add a sticker to the profile and every time you see that member name the stickers you've attached to the profile will appear. Stickers help you keep track of members you have browsed, written, like, or don't like. You are the only one who can see the stickers you add to other profiles!

Matchmaker search is a tool that will allow you to quickly pull up a list of profiles based on general criteria like age, location, and community. If you'd like to search on more specific criteria, you can use the advanced search.

One Click Search
To search with just one click, hit the Search Now button under the header One-Click Search. You'll get fast results.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search is the most powerful tool in MatchMaker. You may select specific characteristics you are looking for in another member. To use Advanced Search, simply mark the multiple choice question responses you are searching for in a mate. If you do not select any responses for a question, it will not be used in the search.

For example, if you particularly want to find profiles for people with blue eyes, be sure to select Blue for the eye color question. If you leave that question blank, you will get responses with all of the eye color options. You may select more than one answer for each question. This means you can search for members who have blue, brown, or green eyes, but not black, gray, or hazel. - Who's On
Go to Who's On for a complete list of who is currently logged in and what they are up to!

The "Who's On" Page allows you to see who is currently connected to the system. This allows you to find users with whom you might wish to exchange mail or perhaps chat. - Email
When you send an email, you exchange letters through SEND MAIL. Once you send your letter, it remains in the recipient's mailbox until they log in and read their mail and send you a reply.

Instant Messenger Instant Messenger (IM) is a tool that allows you to
communicate one on one with other members in real-time. You will know when a member is trying to send you an instant message, the member name will appear in your instant message session list. Click the name and see the message. Similarly, you can send any member an instant message. You can learn more about another member before you reply to the message. Simply click the member profile and immediately access the photo and profile. - Voice Greeting
You can record a voice greeting and add it to your profile or playback someone else's message during a profile search. - Wink
A wink is a subtle way of telling someone you're interested. You can send a Wink directly from the member's profile by simply clicking on the "send wink" icon. When that member browses your profile or sees you on the Search, Match, or Who's On page, the Wink icon will appear next to your member name.

Matchmaker - Chat
There are no special software programs or plug-ins to download and install! You must be a paying member or have a photo posted as a trial member to have access to the chat features. chat is a new concept in chatting, in which a user can simply use his mouse to perform most of the manual commands that are normally associated with a chat module. The only time a user has to use the keyboard is when he/she is chatting in the chatroom.

The chat function operates in a CB mode and initially everyone is in the same room. If you find you do not want to be in the specific City chat location, you can move to another city location. Click on the city you want to go to, and it will transport you to the appropriate room. Only people who are on the same channel in the same room as you will see your public messages. - Private Messages
Private messages can be sent. Click on the name of the person and then the icon that has a face that looks like it's whispering into someone's ear. Or just double click on the name of the person. You then type in the private message window.

Take advantage of the free trial.


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