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Dating Site Review: is a jewish singles site with a unique cafe feel and setting for people whether you're looking for a date or personals, this is the place for you! has a unique cafe feel and setting, which provides Jewish singles with a relaxed and safe atmosphere. All users receive a 14 day free trial to try out the site. This gives them full access to the site, with no restrictions!

Over 30,000 members, most of whom are between the ages 30 and 60 and this Jewish dating site is continuously growing as news spreads among the online community in Canada, USA, Israel and elsewhere.

What are the costs? is a member-supported service. All members receive 14 FREE days for logging a profile, plus 7 days for posting photos and 7 days per referral. If you decide to become a paying member, you will receive all days remaining, in addition to the time for which you pay. Please note: there is NO OBLIGATION to pay after your free trial - it will be entirely up to you!

How do I find other people on here?
There are 5 ways to find members on
1) Quickmatch: QuickMatch lists members of the opposite sex based on how closely their answers match yours in the areas of Age, Type of Relationship and Location.

2) Search: If you would like to search by other criteria, the search tool is for you! Search by hair color, personality type and more. Remember, you are describing the type of person you are looking for, not who YOU are!! Keep in mind that the more categories you select, the narrower your search will be. It is advised that you select from a few categories first (eg. Age, State/Province) and then narrow your search from there, as necessary.

3) Who's On: this neat feature generates a list of members who are the Cafe at the same time you are. The list updates automatically every 4 minutes, however if you would like to update the list sooner, simply click on the who's on link again. From this page you can send online members a Quick Message.

4) New Members list: this page shows all members who have joined since 12:00AM EST (NY's time zone, 5 hours behind London, UK). New members are often very keen to hear from you and you will increase your chances of a response by writing to these members. From this page you can also see the list of members who joined yesterday or in the last week.

5) Find a specific Member: if you know the username of a particular member you can locate the profile with the find member feature. If you only know a portion of a member's username, you can type what you know and the system will generate a list of all matches. Be sure there are NO spaces when you type in the username.

How do I keep track of Jewish singles I am interested in?
When you view profiles, just above the picture you will see two options:
1) "Send Mail to Member"
2) "Add to Friends List".
Many members check their friends list each time they log on to the Cafe.
There is no limit to the number of members you can add to your friends' list.

How do I read my mail?
Click on the flashing New Mail icon at the top of any Cafe page. In your mailbox you should see INBOX-XX Unread Messages towards the top of that page. Messages will be FROM a particular member (eg. User123), with a Subject and Date Sent. To Read a message click in the Subject area (eg. "Welcome to!").
To view the profile of the person who sends you a message you can click on the photo if they have one posted. You can click on your "Back" button to bring you back to your mailbox after viewing his/her profile.

How do I get mail from other members?
Some members log a profile, then NEVER send any mail. Then, they wonder why they rarely see their NEW MAIL sign flashing. The answer is simple: SEND MAIL! Since it's FREE for everyone to send mail (while you have time in your account), take advantage of the opportunity to meet someone special.
Follow this simple rule and you will have a better chance of filling your mailbox: You have to send mail to receive mail! The more mail you write, the greater the likelihood that you will receive mail from other members.
Make sure you have your written answers filled out on your profile. The more people have to write about, the more chance they'll want to write to you! You may want to ask a question or two in your profile which you'd like answered by people who view your profile. This will help "break the ice" and help them overcome their shyness. Make changes to your profile in your Edit Profile section.

Do I have to Pay to Send Mail?
No! You can send 75 Messages and 75 Quick Messages on, daily! (This limit is in place to prevent spammers). You can view as many profiles and pictures as you like and you have no limit to your access while you still have time in your account!

How do I send a Quick Message to other Jewish singles?
To send a Quick Message, click on Who's On at the top of any page. Then choose a person to whom you wish to send your Quick Message and click on "Quick Message" in the far right column corresponding to his/her username. You can also send Quick Messages when you are viewing a profile by clicking on the "Send Quickmessage" link above their picture if they are currently online. Quick Messages are delivered automatically within 4 minutes if a member doesn't trigger them first. Each time you move to a different page or reload the page you're on, you trigger any queued Quick Messages which might be waiting for you.

How do I view Quick Messages I've already sent or received?
Go to your Quick Message History Folder. You can also access this folder from your who's on page via a link towards the top of that page. You can view messages for the last 7 days.

Why is it called "Quick" Message and not "Instant" Message?
Quick Messages on are sent instantly but not received instantly. This is because the member you sent your Message to cannot see your Message until s/he accesses the server (ie. refreshes the page or goes to a different page on the Cafe). The database will "force" your message to the other person within 4 minutes of your sending it in the event s/he hasn't accessed the server in that time. However, if a member goes to another page on the Cafe, or Reloads the page they're on, they will receive your Quick Message right away.
The fastest way therefore to retrieve Quick Messages is to move about the Cafe frequently or hit your Reload or Refresh button on your internet Browser. Testimonials

" Thank you for a fabulous service. At some time in the past I subscribed to a couple of other services which unfortunately didn't meet my standards. and its clientele are in a class of their own! I just wish I'd known about you a couple of years ago - my life would have been a lot happier. Congratulations on a job well done and on a site that is easy to work with!"
- Heinz

" Thanks to your site I've met the most wonderful man and I don't plan on looking any further. He makes me smile and he's everything I've ever wanted in my life. Again, thank you for helping to make it all happen. I only hope that everyone can be as happy as we are."
- Marsha

" We would like to take this opportunity and to thank you for I had been contacted by several members and had met a few, as has my new partner, and then we were lucky enough to meet each other. Talk about fireworks and love at first site! We are both very happy and hope that other of your members can find the happiness and love that we have found for each other. I guess the old saying "you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince" is true, because I have truly found my prince. On behalf of Ozymandias and myself, Sleepless, thank you and keep up the good work in bringing people together."
- Mindy has helped dozens of couples meet online. Log a profile
today to take advantage of the free trial. Who knows, you may be the next person to write a testimonial!


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