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Great Expectations Dating Service has been a premiere destination for meeting and dating quality singles since 1976. members are intelligent, attractive professionals in search of meaningful relationships. And unlike many on-line dating services, Great Expectations members are pre-screened and qualified, so you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable dating experience.

With over 50 locations nationwide, Great Expectations Dating Service have tens of thousands of attractive singles ready to meet you, this site is worth looking at.

Time and again, the leading print and TV media has applauded Great Expectations and their total understanding of individuals’ important dating needs. They’ve featured stories about all the wonderful couples who would have never met without Great Expectations. And they’ve talked about their exclusive screening process which screens out people who may want to misrepresent themselves.

But most of all, they’ve praised the quality, the dignity, and the intelligent alternative that GreatExpectations offers to sophisticated singles like yourself.

Take a look at the photos and testimonials of successful couples on They're real life people with real life success stories of having met through Great Expectations. People who came to Great searching for the right person—and ended up starting exciting, wonderful lives together.

As a matter of fact, for almost three decades, Dating Service has helped thousands of singles all over the country meet that someone special and they'd like to help you find that relationship too.

Over the many years, countless members have recommended Great Expectations to their friends, families, and co-workers. They're delighted to share the great experiences they've had and talk about the terrific people they've met.

Don't leave matchmaking to chance.
Great Expectations will let you be the match maker. But that doesn't mean they leave you alone to wade through thousands and thousands of member profiles—instead, helps pre-select suitable prospects based on the qualities you most want in a mate. Below are some elements of the matchmaker process
Personal Profile—you'll complete an extensive personal profile to help define who you are and what you are looking for in a mate. As a member, you will have access to the personal profiles of all Great Expectation's single men or single women, making it easier to meet your match.

Photography—once your matchmaking profile is complete, you'll schedule an appointment with one of the professional photographers. They're pros at helping you look your best!

Video Conversations—viewing a video conversation along with the extensive profile and current photography makes for a powerful and effective way to meet singles and find your match. No surprises here.

Reviews—if you like to take control and begin dating right away, you can review as many profiles, photos, and videos as you want. If your matchmaking approach is a bit less aggressive, you don't have to do anything except sit back and wait for Great single members to find you—and they will!

Matchmaking—Great Expectations will send a postcard to anyone you would like to meet, letting them know that someone special is waiting. You'll get these same postcards from people wanting to meet you. After you've reviewed their profile, photos and video, you can agree to meet or decline. No hassles, no uncomfortable situations. Only meet singles that you want meet. Best of all, you can rest assured that Great Expectations adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality at every phase of the match maker process.


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