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How do message / wink alerts work?
You can set your message alert preferences to one of a number of options.
You can receive an alert when you have 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 unread messages or winks. You will only get one alert about there being that many contacts waiting until you log in again. After you have logged in after getting an alert you will receive another alert about new contacts if the number of unread winks or messages goes above the limit you set. You can also receive a daily or weekly summary of any unread messages or winks you have. Finally you may choose not to receive email to let you know you have waiting messages or winks.

How many messages can I send? allows only Premium and Standard Members to initiate message conversations with other members. Standard Members can send up to 4 new messages per day (Replies to messages from other members does not count towards this limit). Premium members can send unlimited messages per day.

What are winks?
Winks are a way to express your interest or flirt with a member on If you are a Trial Member you can send winks to members who you wish to contact without having to upgrade your membership. The member who receives your wink can reply back with one of the standard replies to the wink to let you know if they are interested. If both of you are Trial Members then you can decide if one of you wishes to upgrade their membership to start communicating.

How did someone put some text in the wink I received?
When you send a wink to someone they can reply to it with one of the standard responses to indicate if they are interested or not. If you receive a wink from someone (not a reply to a wink you sent) then you can reply with one of those standard responses by clicking on the ‘Reply’ link next to the wink.

Can Trial Members reply to my messages / chat requests?
Yes. All members of can reply to a message or accept a private chat request.

Can Trial Members reply to the messages / winks I send?
Yes. All members of can reply to a message or wink that is sent to them.

Why does it say my search results are n minutes old?
When you perform a search the results returned form are cached for a certain amount of minutes. This allows you to view a consistent set of results even though the results maybe changing. This is particularly important when searching for online users, this result is constantly updated. After a set amount of time a message appears to let you know that the results you are viewing maybe out of date and that you may wish to perform the search again to get the latest results.

Community Area
The community area is where members can post information about meetings or other events that they are organizing. They are listed by state, click on the state you wish to view the notices for. Chat Rooms has several public chat rooms for users. You can also request chats form specific users. If you wish ignore someone in the chat room you can put them on your BlockList. To do this, view their profile and click on the Block link. Once a member is on your BlockList they can no longer send you messages, send you winks, request chats with you and their messages in the chat room will no longer appear to you.


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