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Dating Site Review: Personals is a free service that allows members to post personal ads or profiles and run searches among more than 1.8 million profiles. Receiving responses to your personal ad is totally free, as is responding to members who have replied to your profile.

Visit Gaycom - premium personals offers many advanced features, including replying to any member profile, bookmarking and blocking of profiles, getting access to all photos (public and private) and much more. Only Premium Personals subscribers have access to adult content.

How do I create my own personal ad or profile?
Just go to the front page and click on the link to "Edit Basic" In the left side navigation. Once you do so, you are on your way to creating your own personal ad. It's that easy.

How do I save my matches?
One of the benefits of using personals regularly is the ability to save searches for later use. Once you find a search that gives you the best results, select "Save this search." You can even label your searches for easy reference. Once saved, you can run the same search manually or set it to run automatically. AutoSearch?
Your saved searches can be run automatically. Simply select "Save as an AutoSearch." Your results will be sent to you via e-mail. You can schedule and save up to 20 searches and/or AutoSearches. We recommend creating various entries, such as "marriage material," "friends," "tonight" and more.

What's the "Photo Gallery" option?
The "Photo Gallery" provides an easy way for you to see all member photos for your matches. Just check the "Display results as photo gallery" box after you make your other search choices. When your search results appear, you will see your matches and all of their profile photos, neatly displayed at once. You'll then be able to view their full profile, bookmark or block the profile and more.

How can I find members currently online?
To connect with other members in your area or around the world, visit our Who's Online page. You may view member profiles and photos or send a private message from this area.

Basic profile: I'd like to be a featured member
Being a featured member is a great way to increase your chances of having your profile viewed by other members. By agreeing to be a featured member, you grant Gaycom permission to use, in any of its featured member presentations, any information or public photos (including adult photos and information) that you have supplied to or that are contained in your profile. Gaycom featured member presentations include the following and other similar features:
* Hottie of the Day
* Tools of the Trade
* Men of the Month
* Hot Spot
Please note: If your profile contains adult content, Gay com may select you to be featured in an adult version of any of the above types of featured member presentations and other similar features. You must be 18 or over to be a featured member on Gaycom

Basic profile: Allow users to forward my profile
This option allows other users to forward your profile to their friends. A link to your profile will be sent via e-mail.

Replying to Personals profile?
You can receive replies to your Personals profile for free. Only Premium Personals subscribers may reply to other members' profiles. Please review the Personals tour for more information.

How does "Forward this profile" work?
You can forward profiles that you like to your friends. Simply click on "Forward this profile" when viewing one of your favorite profiles, and you can share it via e-mail.

What is Chat and Messenger?
Gaycom Chat is a service that allows you to send live, real-time messages to other members in a chat room at Gaycom Chat is the world's largest LGBT online community. Chat rooms are in place for a city near you or around the world, and there are also popular topic rooms, from AA to Webcams.

Gaycom Chat works with your Personals profile, so you can send and receive messages and check out other members' profiles and photos all in one place.

Gaycom Messenger enables you to chat in private with other members. You can send live, one-on-one messages to your friends -- and potential friends -- when you're both online at Just like chat, Messenger works with your Gaycom Personals profile, so you can send and receive messages and check out other members' photos all in one window. You can also send private photos for more intimate connections, but only Gay com Premium Personals members get unrestricted access to view all profile photos. If you're not a Premium Personals member, start your subscription now.

How do I use Gaycom Chat and Messenger?
To use Chat and Messenger and let other members know you're online, you must be logged in and the Connect Now "Welcome" window must be open. You can't enter a Gaycom chat room or send or receive any messages unless this window remains open. If you close it, you can reopen it by clicking the Chat or Messenger link in the Connect Now section on the left side navigation or by opening a new browser window and logging in to Gaycom again.

Where do I find Chat and Messenger?
The Gaycom "Connect Now" window will launch automatically when you log in to Gaycom. Look for the pop-up window and click any of the options, including Chat and Who's Online. You'll also be able to find Chat in the top navigation bar and in the left navigation bar after logging in.
You may also chat privately using Gaycom Messenger. Click the "Send Private Message" link in the Connect Now window, visit the "Who's Online" section in Personals or click the "Send Private Message" link on any Gaycom Personals profile.

Do I need a membership to use Gaycom Chat and Messenger?
Yes, you'll need to be a member to use Chat and Messenger. Basic membership is free, so join now to begin chatting!

Are Chat and Messenger free?
Using basic features in Chat and Messenger is free for all Gaycom members. You'll be able to send and receive unlimited messages and view profiles and some member photos. Basic members will also be able to visit two chat rooms with each visit. Premium Personals members enjoy unlimited access to Chat, Personals and Messenger as part of their subscription. Premium Personals members are able to view all photos -- public, adult and private. Gaycom Premium Personals members are also able to visit more than two chat rooms at each visit. If you are not a Premium Personals member, you will not be able to access all member photos.

Where can I find other members who are online?
Many users online at are in a chat room. Chat with other members around the world in public chat rooms or directly with another member using private messages.
Looking for someone you'd like to get to know better, but who isn't in a chat room? When the Gaycom Connect Now control panel window launches, click the "Who's Online" link to find out who is on the site and accepting private messages. Members are listed by country, state and city.

If a member is online, you will see a "Send Private Message" icon on his or her Personals profile. You may also see the members in the "Who's Online" section in Personals. If you already know who you are looking for, you may also connect with a specific member by using the "Send Private Message" link on the Connect Now window. To use this link, you will need to know the other person's member name. Click the "Send Private Message" link, then type the person's member name in the member name box and click the "Send" button. A new Gaycom Messenger window will open allowing you to send a private message directly to that member.

How many rooms may I enter in one visit?
Basic members may enter two chat rooms concurrently. Premium Personals subscribers may enter up to seven rooms concurrently. To enter another room, simply return to the main chat window and select a new room. You may also click the "Return to Room List" link when you are in a chat room. This will bring you back to the main chat window. If you want to enter another room but have reached your room limit, you must close one of the other rooms you are in before you can enter a new room.

What are public and private photos?
Public photos are visible to any member viewing your personals profile and when using Gaycom Chat and Messenger. Private photos are hidden from public view. They are not visible in your Gaycom Personals profile unless it is being viewed through a direct link that you've sent someone.
Private photos are only visible when you send them to other members when using private chat with Messenger or when you send someone a direct link to your Gaycom profile. If you don't want another member to see your private photos, don't forward your profile using the direct link.

How do other members know I'm online?
When you enter a chat room, your member name will appear at the top of the room's "Occupants" window to the right of the main chat window. You will also appear on the "Who's Online" list, unless your privacy setting is "Make Me Invisible." When other members find you in a Personals search, the "Send Private Message" icon will appear on your profile, and they may immediately contact you.

How can I turn off ads in Chat?
Premium Personals subscribers have the option of disabling some advertisements in Gaycom Chat and Personals.


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