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DiscreetAdventures.com is up front about what it offers as an online dating service – you can meet and ostensibly hook up with other people in relationships, engaging in whatever behavior you wish with whoever you wish, regardless of your own relationship status. Signup is quick and easy, requiring only email, username, password, and what you’re looking for. DiscreetAdventures.com also supports couples or singles looking to hook up with couples.

After registering the first step into the site is profile generation. The regular questions, like your physical fitness, eye and hair color, spoken languages, etc, all come into play, as well as some background details like religious affiliation. The second page is a list of interests, and it varies between more ‘innocent’ thoughts like trips, movies, fine dining, to more “naughty” thoughts like edible oils or satin sheets. A third page contains three text fields for you to fill in with your own words – describe first who you are, then what you look like – you’re allowed to be as detailed as you like. The last text field to fill in is what you’re looking for in a match, and you’re encouraged to outline what exactly you’re looking for and what is and isn’t acceptable for potential partners.

All profiles require approval before they’re posted, and you have to be approved as a member on the site before you are given the chance to use any of its features. This approval process also applies for when you modify your profile – but this attention to detail is what makes DiscreetAdventures.com a different site from a lot of other ‘casual dating’ or hookup services. Guidelines and rules about what conduct is and isn’t acceptable on the site is enforced for all members.

Of course, DiscreetAdventures.com offers a lot more than normal dating websites – adult content is allowed in your profile so you can really strut your stuff if you like. The site also lets you view who is interested or not interested in you – this goes hand in hand with the match making service, which will search through profiles automatically based on what preferences you have set for a potential match. These matchmaking profiles can be saved on the site and then sent to you via email, letting you check your inbox for local hotties that are just what you’re interested in.

There are members around the world and it’s easy enough to find anyone in your local area using the site’s search features – you are more able to tap into the resources of DiscreetAdventures.com when you’re a registered member. In addition to the standard features as mentioned before you can also use the instant messaging service, the internal mail system which helps mask your real email address. So if you’re engaged in something extramarital you don’t need to be concerned about your partner possibly looking for you in their favorite search engine and your work email turning up.

DiscreetAdventures.com also goes above and beyond with the customer service that they offer to premium members of the site. One unique feature is that you can get a refund if you find yourself dissatisfied with the service of this dating site. The privacy offered to all members goes well above and beyond the standard set of protections for users, and that says a lot about the attitude behind the site.

DiscreetAdventures.com has a lot to offer any user – the ease with which a profile can be created and matches can be found goes far in creating a welcoming environment to any user. The diverse group of individuals that make up the site are proof of that. If you are looking for a casual relationship or possibly investing into more, there’s something for you at DiscreetAdventures.com.


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