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Dating Site Review: is here to help you find real people for real relationships, romance, friendships and more. And with millions of members, there's somebody for everyone - and that means you! has new singles joining all the time and many people hooking up every day! Find whatever you're looking for. Dateca is made up of a fun, high-quality group of singles from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all professions and all ages, who are living life to its fullest and looking for others to share their experiences with. Dates, soul mates, friends, and even pen pals galore...take your pick!

Meet people from around the corner and around the world Dateca makes it easy to meet people outside your usual circle, whether it's in your own home town or across the sea. Just think, you might be walking past your soul mate every day and never even know it. Members come from all over Canada and beyond, in over 200 countries!

It's free to create your profile, post photos and search for members. To get full access to all of the communication tools, you can upgrade to an Premium Membership at a low monthly fee - less than the price of two movie tickets and popcorn!

No more wasting precious time...and no more blind date blahs! Thanks to the detailed profiles - with photos, essays and all kinds of personal tidbits, you can check out members before you email and then get to know them online before you meet. Plus, they have a unique matching system to give you a hand.

Meeting people online lets you get to know each others attitudes and humor and what you love about life before deciding whether or not you like each others hairstyle. So, let the real you shine and get to know people in more meaningful ways.

At, you can enjoy reading smart, amusing and witty content, including articles on dating and romance, advice from our relationship-savvy experts and bi-weekly newsletters to keep you in the loop.

Free Membership Features: Click™! is a simple way for us to introduce you to members you think you’d click with and who feel the same about you. It’s fun and easy, and everyone can participate.

Create a profile - It's simple to get started and be fabulous in your profile. Just answer a few questions, write something wonderful about yourself, and post up to 4 gorgeous photos. Within minutes and at no cost, you've joined the scene!

Search - how you find what you're looking for
Just enter the characteristics and desired location of the person you want and get ready to be wowed.

Email - how it really works
Once you have created your own profile, other members can start contacting you. They'll let you know you have messages waiting for you by sending a notice to your personal email address. If you are already a Premium Member, then log in and pick up the messages at your personal onsite Inbox. The message Inbox is available exclusively to Premium Members. Once you are a Premium Member, you can read all incoming messages, respond to the members who contacted you, and initiate contact with whomever you like. With your personal onsite email, you’ll always remain anonymous and in control.

Who's online
See photos and profiles of everyone who's online. Add people that you're interested in to your "favorites" list.

Instant messaging - Instant gratification!
See someone's profile that you're just dying to meet? If they're online, send them an instant message and see if sparks fly.

Real-time chat
Check out the scene from home or office. In your business or birthday suit, make yourself at home. They're open 24/7

What is a tease? How many times can I tease someone?
A tease is a quick, fun way to let someone know you're interested. You pick a one-liner from our list of teases, and it's sent to the member of your choice. The member gets the tease in his or her onsite email Inbox and then can go to your profile and tease you back. You can send up to 30 teases a day, but each member can only be teased once. All members can send teases for free. If you'd like to take it a step further, we suggest upgrading to a Premium Membership and sending an email to start up a real conversation..

How do I keep other members from knowing that I looked at their profile or hot listed them?
If you don't want other members to know when you've looked at their profile or hot listed them, go to Profile Display Settings in Member Services and select "hide" in the section called "Show/Hide When I View Or Hot List Members."
Keep in mind that members who are most active on the site keep their profile visible in all places because it ups their chances of connecting with people. You never know, someone special may be looking for you but never find you if your profile is hidden. Hot Lists have been a real hit on our sites and have helped bring some unsuspecting couples together! People keep telling that they contact people simply because they saw in the hot list that a member looked at their profile. So before you hit "hide," give it a chance to work.

Why would members want other members to know when they look at their profile or hot list them? members who are really active on the site like to let other members know when they look at their profile or hot list them because it livens things up and often breaks the ice when it comes to emailing. So many times we hear that one member contacted someone simply because they saw that that person had looked at their profile or hot listed them. Members also say that their hot lists lead them to meet members that they might not have seen in a search otherwise.
Think about it. If you saw that someone had hot listed you and you liked what you saw, wouldn't you be more likely to send an email?

Why does my hot list counter change?
Half of your hot lists tell you your activity on the site. Every time you look at or contact another member, it shows up in your hot lists and the numbers go up accordingly. The other half of your hot lists tell you about other members looking at your profile or emailing or teasing you. Every time a member looks at your profile or contacts you, it shows up in your hot lists and the numbers go up accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that some members choose to hide their profile from showing up in your hot lists. Also, in order to keep your lists up-to-date, periodically clean out the members that have been in your "viewed" list for a while. This also changes the counter.

Do people actually meet Do they ever get married?

Thousands of people meet on our site daily and go on to date and start relationships. have had hundreds of marriages across many borders. To see for yourself, check for real stories of real connections.

When someone emails me, where does the email go and how do I respond?
When a member sends you a note, it goes straight into your message Inbox. We then send an email to your personal email address to let you know that it's there. To read the note, simply login to the site and go to your Inbox. If you decide to write back, simply click "reply" in the member's note, write your own note and send away. Your note will go straight into the member's onsite Inbox, and we'll let them know it's there with an email to their personal email address. All communications with other members stay onsite so that you never have to give out any personal information until you feel completely ready. Then when you are, you can exchange phone numbers and even meet in person.

How do I edit my profile? How do I hide my profile?
To update your profile, go to profile at the top of the page. Click edit next to the section you'd like to update. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the screen when you're done. Try to put your best foot forward with at least one photo and snappy, detailed essays. The photo is key since most people feel more comfortable writing to members they can see. Try to stay positive in your essays and let the real you shine. To hide your profile, go to Profile Display Settings in Member Services. Keep in mind, however, that members who are most active on the site keep their profile visible in all places because it ups their chances of connecting with people. And you never know, someone special may be looking for you and never get to find you if your profile is hidden.


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