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A Pretty Woman is a Russian Dating Agency with lots of Russian girls. This provides you with an excellent choice of beautiful Russian women to choose from. The service works by searching through the profiles and finding the Russian ladies you are interested in contacting. You then purchase the contact information and start corresponding.

Russian Dating Site - Meet Beautiful Russian Girls

If you are just too busy to write letters and you would prefer to have the Russian girls make the first contact with you, then a personal listing is an excellent way to start off your correspondence. You send a pretty woman your profile, including a photo, information about yourself and something about the girls you would like to meet. The photo can be sent as an email attachment.

Once a month a pretty woman will send out your letter and photo to 1,000 ladies. Each month a pretty woman will choose another 1,000 Russian girls and so on every month for four months. This is done by working with other Russian dating services. What makes this work so well is the personalized nature of regular mail. A letter arriving in the mailbox is far more effective than an advertisement in a magazine. The Russian girls who receive the letters show them to their friends and family, so for each girl that receives a letter, on average, she will show your listing to five other ladies, so you can multiply this amount by five for a total of 5,000 ladies.

There are two plans available, the basic personal listing and the premium personal listing. This is subject to change, please review a pretty woman to obtain the latest pricing:

Basic personal listing - 4,000 letters are sent out over a 4 month period. The effect is that your letters reach approximately 20,000 ladies. Price $150.00
Premium personal listing - 12,000 letters are sent out over a 12 month period. This effectively reaches 60,000 Russian girls. Price $350.00
Remember that if you purchase a deluxe membership you get a basic personal listing included free. A VIP membership includes a premium personal listing.

The following is taken from a Pretty Woman - Russian dating service web site. "We have continued to keep the dream alive for both the men and the women, to help them find happiness and a chance in life that they otherwise may have missed. Our goal is not just to bring people together, but to assist in every way possible, in making it all go smoothly along the way. Indeed, we have clients that have found happiness through us, who would never have met each other had it not been for our efforts. Our greatest satisfaction is your success and happiness, and we strive at all times to achieve that goal for all our clients. We are always ready to give assistance and to help you find and meet beautiful Russian girls."

Overall an excellent Russian dating site- visit a pretty woman and decide for yourself.


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