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Dating Site Review: is a fast and efficient way to correspond with ladies throughout the former USSR by email, even if they do not have an email address! Their email server is linked with hundreds of agencies throughout Eastern Europe and the former USSR. Your email message is sent to a local agency, translated in Russian free of charge, and given directly to the lady you have written to. She can then respond immediately; her message is translated into English for you, and you receive it in your Anastasiaweb mailbox.

No more weeks of waiting to see if she's interested. No more lost mail, translation costs, etc. Just quick and easy connections with the ladies you want to meet.


Anastasiaweb is the most cost effective way of connecting with ladies in the former USSR.
• First, you purchase Email Credits.
• An Email Credit is deducted from your account when you send an email message to a lady, or when you open an incoming message in your mailbox.
• You can view the Photo and BioData of the ladies sending you email before you decide to open a message.
• There is no charge until you actually open a lady's message.

Can I get the lady's Postal Address?
Sure! You are absolutely free to ask any lady for her street address in your e-mail message. Please keep in mind however, that ladies are under no obligation to share their addresses with Anastasiaweb clients. After establishing a connection with a lady, meeting face to face is the next step. You may want to consider taking an Anastasiaweb Romantic Tour, which will allow you to meet the ladies you are corresponding with, and meet 600-800+ more ladies at our Socials while you are there!

What Are Anastasiaweb Gentlemen's Listings?
Having a Gentlemen's Listing is a great way for you to safely post your BioData and Photos on the web, to be seen by thousands of ladies who can send translated email directly to your mailbox. Ladies will also look at your listing when they receive an e-mail from you.

Is it safe to post my photo and BioData on the web?
Gentlemen's Listings are perfectly safe. Privacy/Safety features include:
1. Your Last Name, Address, Etc. are not included in the listing.
2. Only Registered Agencies can access Gentlemen's Listings, they are not available to the general public. This means that ladies will view the listings while they are physically in a registered agency's office. There is no charge that your listing will be seen by friends/neighbors/colleagues.
3. Your email messages are located on a secure server.
4. Anastasiaweb has a strict policy of confidentiality.

Is there a fee for a Gentlemen's Listing?
No. Gentlemen's Listings are free on at the time of this writing.

Can I use Anastasiaweb to send/receive email without having a Gentlemen's Listing?
Yes, but they highly recommend that you create a Listing!! Ladies are more likely to e-mail you and to respond to your e-mails if they can see your photo and BioData on

Where do I send and receive my e-mails?
Sending: You may send email messages from, either while you are browsing ladies' photos, or from your mailbox. You may also send e-mails when you are browsing by clicking on the "E-mail me now" link next to a lady's photo.
Receiving: You receive all incoming messages in your Anastasiaweb mailbox.

How do I pay?
On Anastasiaweb you can purchase multiple Email Credits so that you do not have to use your credit card each time you want to send or receive e-mail.
Your E-mail Credits Account is debited by one Credit for each e-mail you send and each e-mail you open (you do not have to open all the e-mail you receive).
You can view a history of your credit activity at any time.

How does incoming e-mail work?
When an incoming email arrives in your Anastasiaweb mailbox, a notice is automatically sent to your e-mail address. You then go to your mailbox on Anastasiaweb where you can see a list of all incoming e-mails. Each e-mail will be accompanied by the lady's photo and BioData. You can then choose whether or not to open each message. You are not charged for messages you do not open.

Are my e-mails translated for the lady?
All the emails you send are translated into Russian, all incoming emails are translated into English. There is no charge to you or the ladies for this service.

Do I need an e-mail address to use Anastasiaweb?
No, you simply need Internet access to check your Anastasiaweb mailbox.

What about the privacy of messages I send and receive?
The agency personnel who translate your messages will not know your identity at all, and in many cases will not know the lady's identity either. Furthermore, she will be an industry professional, accustomed to assisting in communications of the most intimate nature.

Do I have to open all of my incoming e-mails on Anastasiaweb?
Absolutely not, but keep in mind, if you only open a small percentage of messages the ladies will be reluctant to send you e-mail. All of their affiliate agencies have access to data indicating the exact percentage of e-letters each client opens.

How do I keep track of the balance of my Anastasiaweb account?
Your Email Credit balance will be displayed at all times in your Anastasiaweb mailbox. is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way of making contact with ladies throughout the former USSR. They have one of the largest databases of ladies - more than 8000 active profiles at this time.
• Now you can send email messages to ladies even if they do not have a computer! Why wait 6-8 weeks for a response by post, when you can have a message translated into Russian and delivered to the lady in a few days.
• Her response is then translated into English and sent to your own, confidential "mailbox" on´s secure Email Server.
Long-distance relationships do exist!

How It Works
• are affiliated with hundreds of agencies throughout the former USSR representing ladies in most areas. Search for ladies, have a look at the last week ladies gallery and top 1000 gallery to see the most wonderful ladies.
• They provide various services to make your contact with ladies more efficient. You can send flowers to the lady of your choice, get acquainted with hundreds of women during the tours, and even order a Fiancee Visa Kit for your soul mate. To start corresponding with ladies you need to register, and get either a simple or an executive search account.
• It works like this: your email message is received by a local agency, which translates your message into Russian and notifies the lady that a message has arrived for her. When the lady receives her message, she can immediately write a response. It is translated into English and forwarded to your "mailbox" on the email server. You simply login to your secure mailbox and read the responses; it's really that simple!

Advantages of Using
• Speed - Immediately know if the lady is interested, no more waiting for weeks or months to get a response.
• Reliability - The mail system in the former USSR is infamous for losing mail. Make sure the ladies you are interested in actually receive your message.
• Cost Effectiveness - Addresses can cost up to $15 apiece, with no guarantee that the lady will be interested, or even respond to you. With, messages cost as little as $3.99 to send and receive, so you don't waste money on ladies who are not interested.
• Clarity - All messages are translated to and from English by professional interpreters, free of charge! (This service normally costs up to $20 per page) It guarantees that your messages are clearly understood.
• Advertise Yourself For Free - You can securely place you own photo and bio information online for thousands of Russian ladies to see your personal ad and write to you first!


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