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Speed dating has become a huge success in bars across London with hundreds of single people making snap decisions about potential partners every night.

This London based Speed Dating site for Singles helps Single people find friends and more. Singles Speed Dating in London and the UK gives Single people the chance to meet up to 20 other fun Single people and have a 3 minute Date with each of them. It might be a Fun Match or a Love Match. Doesn't matter as there is no pressure on the Singles Dating person to commit. Speed Dating for Single people is probably the most efficient way way for Singles to Date in London and the UK. No wasted email and phone calls allowing Single people to quickly decide if it worth Dating the other person. Speed Dating in London and the UK for Single people is Fun and quick. Login next day to see your Speed Dating matches.

They say it takes only three minutes to decide whether we will fall in love, remain friends or never speak again. Researchers at Ohio University studied 170 new undergraduates arriving. They found that after three minutes of conversation they were able to predict how well they would get on with fellow students.

Professor Artemio Ramirez was shocked by the results. "Earlier research assumed there was a cumulative effect that happens in the first few days. But we're finding it all happens in minutes." Students were given either three, six or 10 minutes to talk to each other before making a prediction as to how they thought the relationship would develop. Researchers found those who chatted for three minutes were as successful at predicting the outcome as those who spent longer together.
Can I go to more than one event?
There is no limit on how many events you go to. Most 3min-daters are new to speed dating so if you don’t meet that perfect person first time round, then it makes sense to try again. You'll meet another large group of new potential partners and this time you’ll be even more relaxed.

People say that finding that special person was not easy until they came to a 3min-dating event. 3 minute dating is here to change that by loading the odds in your favour.

Are there any requirements to book an event?
You must be single, over 18 and have an email address.

How do I book online & offline?
In the 'next 10 events' table on the homepage, hit the go button to get to the event details that you are interested in. Then follow the bookings link and you will be guided the rest of the way to checkout. Alternatively, feel free to use the 3 minute dating booking hotline.

Speed dating is a new concept in the UK and as such, 3 minute dating feel that it is important that people have the chance to book by phone if they want to. Three minute dating are happy to spend time with you answering any questions that you may have on speed dating.

Why do I need to book in advance?
3 minute dating need to ensure that there are the same numbers of men and women so tickets must be bought in advance rather than on the door. Many of the events are also now beginning to sell out a couple of weeks in advance which is another reason to book early.

Why do you need my email and phone details?
3 minute dating ask for a telephone number so that they can contact you in the very unlikely event that there is a change to the particular event that you have booked. Your email address is needed to inform you of a match. In this case, first names and email addresses are exchanged.

What happens when I arrive?
You will be greeted by one of the 3 minute dating friendly hosts and handed a unique number and a score-card. You can then relax and have a drink while the last people are being checked in. The host then goes through the way the evening will be run and answers any last minute questions

Everyone is paired off and you then have 3 minutes to chat with your first date. A bell signals when it's time to change. If you like the person you have just met, and want to see them again, you tick their number on your card. A 'match' happens when they also tick your number on theirs.

The next date sees the women remain seated while men move on to the next person. This continues until everyone has met each other. There is a break in the middle to give you a chance to catch your breath and perhaps a quick drink from the bar. At the end of the evening the host collects your card. Most daters then linger for a while to chat with friends; both old and new!

And now for the good part....you just need to hold on until the following afternoon at which time you will be able to check your matches by logging onto the 3 minute dating site.

How long does an event last?
Plan on being with three minute dating for a maximum of 2 and a half hours. You'll be surprised how quickly it goes!

What type of people will I meet?
You will meet other professionals working in a variety of fields who are looking to meet with people outside of their work or existing circle of friends. You will be surprised at your first event how much you have in common with most of the people there.

How old are the other speed-daters?
The age group is generally between mid 20s to late 30s but these are only guidelines. People outside this range are of course welcome to attend though the further outside of the core group you are, the more difficult it might be to get matches.

How many dates will I get in one evening?
You will usually have between 20 to 25 dates at one of our events. We think that this figure provides enough potential partners to choose from without overdoing it. Too many and people start to tire towards the end of the evening.

Is three minutes long enough?
Meeting someone for 3 minutes might not seem like enough time but you'll quickly realise how easy it is to see if there's a spark there and if this is someone you'd like to meet again. If there isn't, then no-one looses and it's on to the next date!

Where are events held?
Three minute dating always use a very upmarket bar as this is the sort of place that 3min-daters feel comfortable in while providing the right atmosphere for speed dating. The event is held in a smart function room or a sectioned off area.

What do people wear?
The most important thing is to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Most of the guests come straight from work so, if in doubt, business attire is always a safe bet. Dress as you would do on a first date remembering that first impressions do count.

Can I come by myself?
People come both alone and in groups. Those that come on their own often comment how quickly they are made to relax by our friendly hosts.

How much does an event cost?
Three minute dating generally charge about £18 pounds ( subject to change) for the whole evening which most people feel is excellent value for having fun and having a good chance of meeting that someone special.

What do hosts do?
3 minute dating place a lot of emphasis on providing friendly professional hosts to ensure that you get the most out of the evening. For many it’s a new experience so they want to make sure that that it runs well and that you are able to relax and have fun from the minute you arrive at one of our events. Three minute dating make a point of ensuring that all the guests are comfortable particularly those that come by themselves.

What is a match?
3min speed-dating is fun and exciting but the real object of the exercise is to find someone new who you like and who likes you. When you meet someone you want to meet again, you tick the number of your date hoping they do the same to you. If they do then it becomes a 'match'.

Can I get the details of someone who didn't tick me?
The concept of speed-dating is to let people meet and, if they like each other, they will be able to meet again by becoming a match. If there isn’t a match then that suggests one side doesn't want to take it any further. Three minute dating respect such wishes and will only therefore exchange details when there is a match.

What information does a match get?
Matched people will only receive the other persons first name and email address. Under no circumstances will any other contact information be released.


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