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PlanetOut.com - Gay and Lesbian Personals Site

PlanetOut.com is your complete gay and lesbian community. You can go directly to PlanetOut.com or read on for more information about this excellent personals site.

PlanetOut Personals - Gay and Lesbian Community

PlanetOut.com Personals (Gay and Lesbian) Free Membership
Most of the great features of PlanetOut.com Personals are free. Any member of PlanetOut.com can post a profile and picture to attract that perfect person! You can also find the perfect match through Basic and Advanced searches using criteria you select. And you receive messages from PersonalsPlus subscribers who see your profile and like what they see. To be a member of PlanetOut, you don't have to pay anything. It is free to join up and take advantage of PlanetOut Personals, chat, and message boards.

PlanetOut (Gay and Lesbian) Chat Profiles

PlanetOut chat profiles allow you to tell the PlanetOut community a little bit about yourself. They are currently used for chat and message boards. Any PlanetOut member who knows your member name can view this information. Also, anyone who clicks on your member name on a message board post or in a chat room can view this information.

PlanetOut (Gay and Lesbian) Mail
PlanetOut Mail is a free, private e-mail system for all PlanetOut members. New e-mail messages sent to your @planetout.com address will appear automatically in your inbox. Messages that arrive in your inbox can be read via the PlanetOut Web page.

PlanetOut (Gay and Lesbian) Private Messaging
PlanetOut Mail includes the option of sending a live, real-time message to another member using PlanetOut Messenger. To send a private message to another member online, click the "Send private message" link appearing on an incoming e-mail. The recipient must be online to accept a private message.

Adding Pictures to Gay and Lesbian Personals Profiles
You can have up to ten pictures attached to your PlanetOut and Personals profiles combined. However, you will have to pick one for each of the two profiles as the default. Once someone accesses your profiles they will have the option of viewing your other pictures. Basic membership allows you to view one large default photo and thumbnails of all other photos. All-photo access is a benefit of PersonalsPlus. While basic gay and lesbian members can only view one large default photo, PersonalsPlus members have access to private pictures, unlimited use of photos, can enlarge thumbnails and can see all photos in both PlanetOut profiles and Messenger.

What's the difference between PlanetOut Personals and PersonalsPlus?
PlanetOut serves the entire gay and lesbian community, a highly diverse group of people with many different needs. While some members want a very basic Personals package, others want a higher level of distinction with broader descriptive and selective options. It is in the interest of meeting these diverse needs that you can join PlanetOut Personals or PlanetOut PersonalsPlus.

PlanetOut.com Personals is a free gay and lesbian service that allows members to post their profiles and run searches among more than hundreds of thousands of profiles. Receiving responses to your profile is totally free, as is responding to members who have replied to your profile. PersonalsPlus is the premium version of Personals. PersonalsPlus offers many advanced features, like responding to profiles, bookmarking and blocking profiles, adding multiple photos to your profile and much more.

Finding Gay and Lesbian Personals on PlanetOut
There are a number of ways to find your perfect match on PlanetOut Personals. You can choose the powerful "Advanced Search," "Quick Search" or "New Member Search" options. If you know the member name of the person whose profile you wish to view, you can enter it into the "Member Name Search" field.

Once you find a search that gives you the best results, click "Save search" or "Save as." You can save your favorite searches before you run the search or after you see your results. You can even label your searches for easy reference, such as "Dating," "Marriage material" or "Friends only."

Planetout (Gay and Lesbian) New Member Search
The New Member Search allows Personals users to find new gay and lesbian members in their area easily and quickly. To use it, first log in and then select "Search" in the left-hand navigation bar. Under the "Search" navigation, you will find the "New Member Search" link. Get to your general region by clicking on a geographic region within the map at the top or by selecting one of the continent text links to the right of the map. Then click on any of the cities listed to see all new members in that area.

Planetout (Gay and Lesbian) "Agent"`
An agent is a timesaving feature that allows you to view or modify searches. You can also "enable" your agents to send you results via e-mail on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis in the "Agent Manager" area.

Gay and Lesbian Premiere Placement

Premiere Placement, a feature of PersonalsPlus, makes paid member profiles show up above unpaid members' profiles in searches. All PersonalsPlus profiles that are an exact match with the search being run will be listed before all unpaid profiles within that match. However, after those exact matches are found, matches that come close to the search criteria are then displayed (regardless of whether they're regular or PersonalsPlus profiles).

PlanetOut.com (Gay and Lesbian) Profile Player

The Profile Player allows you to view your search results in a slideshow format. In the Player, each profile will appear as a distinct slide with a photo, basic information about the member and Profile Player slideshow control functions (rewind, stop, play and fast forward).

To use the this feature, you must perform a regular personals search. Once your search result appears, click the "View with Profile Player" button above the search results, and the Player will pop up.

The Profile Player is one of the many cool features available to PersonalsPlus members. PersonalsPlus members have unlimited use of the Profile Player, while unpaid personals users can view the first five matches of any search using the Profile Player on a trial basis.

What is a bookmark?
PersonalsPlus includes a bookmark list to save your favorite gay and lesbian profiles. When you see a profile you want to save, click "bookmark." You can come back to them easily -- and without performing another search! You can also make notes about the profile as a reminder on the bookmark page. Manage your bookmarks in the "Preferences" area of Personals or by clicking "My Bookmarks."

What is "Block this Profile"?

This feature allows you to block gay and lesbian profiles. Tired of seeing a profile you're not interested in? When you see a profile you don't like, you can block it and never see it again in future searches. To unblock a profile, click the "Preferences" link in Personals.

An excellent gay and lesbian site.
Visit PlanetOut Gay and Lesbian Community

PlanetOut Personals


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