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Matchmaking services are far less common than dating personals. What's the difference? Some dating services call themselves matchmaking services but they only offer a one-way match maker service. True matchmaking services offer what is called two-way match making. With one-way matching services, they only find what you are looking for. As a result, after taking the time and effort to contact these people, you find that they are not interested in you. You're chances of finding a compatible partner more quickly are far better with true match maker services offering two-way matching. Some matchmaking services also offer the two-way matchmaking as an option. Two-way matchmaking services will reduce you're number of matches but you are getting quality matches. Because of the huge size of these databases, you will still get a large number of quality matches!

The dating sites on this page are true two-way matchmaking sites. Some matchmaking services offer you a choice of one or two-way matching. If you're looking for the perfect match or soul mate, your chances of success will be higher with matchmaking services. You never know when you'll find your perfect match!


All new users to Matchmaker receive a free 1 week trial account. This gives everyone the opportunity to see how Matchmaker works and meet other members of their community. Your free trial lets you post a full member profile page including photos and a voice greeting. You receive an anonymous e-mail address with the ability to send 100 e-mail messages, instant messaging, unlimited browse, search, and match capability. The two way matchmaking system gives you a match percentage based on the similarities between your questionnaire and that of other members. In other words you can determine the match percentage compatibility with other members. Matchmaker is highly recommended. Take advantage of the Matchmaker free trial. You will be pleasantly surprised.
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Romantic Planet

A Match Maker site with a difference. MatchMind is Romantic Planet's revolutionary two-way compatibility scoring system with artificial intelligence. MatchMind is always working to improve the quality of your Matches. Whenever you make a selection by writing to someone, MatchMind notes the qualities of that person. This means that over time, MatchMind can help you focus on the qualities that are important to you. At Romantic Planet you are free to create and post a profile, browse matching profiles, search profiles, flirt via conversation starters, send introductions and reply to introductions from subscribers. If someone you are interested in has indicated interest in return and neither of you are subscribers only one of you must subscribe to move beyond conversation starters and begin the exchange of personal, customized messages. This is an excellent match maker site and has more excellent features than many of the expensive match maker sites. Also, the free membership gives you much more than many other match maker sites.
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Scientifically proven compatibility matching. Surprisingly, a good match is more science than art. But for most singles, finding the right partner is more luck than planning. Research done by Dr. Neil Clark Warren
(founder of eHarmony) has shown that the compatibility of romantic
partners can be measured. In fact, there are 29 dimensions of
compatibility that align in the most successful relationships according to Dr. Clark. eHarmony uses these dimensions to identify the right matches for you. Your chances of finding a compatible partner are much higher at a quality match maker service such as eharmony. Registration is free but does take some time because of the quantity of information that must be supplied. This is required to enable the best matching. If you are looking for a quality match maker service then you must visit eHarmony.
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Emode Matchmaking

Emode Matchmaking is the only truly scientific matchmaking service on the Web. Based on years of research by PhDs, the personality tests are written by psychologists to the highest standards of test development and analysis. The matchmaking tests allow you to accurately measure your compatibility with millions of other people to find romance, friendship or lasting true love. You can take the tests to better understand yourself or share these results in your matchmaking profile.
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PerfectMatch is a community of like-minded adults seeking long-term relationships. The program utilizes a scientifically based personality test developed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz. The test allows you to choose your matches based on similarity and complementary factors. Remember, this is not an online dating site. They won’t be sending you 10 matches a day. Rather, their exclusive approach is more refined, resulting in fewer, but more qualified matches. Finding your true love isn't something you want to rush.
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Other Matchmaking Services

The dating services listed below are not part of our recommended list. We only recommend the dating services above. Listed below are other matchmaking services that you may wish to look at. They are included for your information.

One of the best and biggest two-way match maker services on the internet. This is an excellent site loaded with extras. Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes to go through the easy steps. Once your profile's complete, the exclusive two-way match maker technology will compare your profile responses with other members, helping you to meet your match! Or is that perfect match. There is also the option of searching (one-way matching) or the two-way matchmaking system.

Then there's Venus - The Roman goddess of love and beauty. Once activated, Venus searches the massive database to seek out your matches and delivers the newest profiles directly to your inbox. They also have communities which are ideal venues for members to interact with other eligible singles who share common interests. Messenger is a fun and easy way to communicate instantly with other members who are online.
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The service is an online personals destination that partners with other companies to provide members with the easiest ways to connect with other members. When you search for profiles, you will see results from our partnered sites. In turn, users of our partner sites will also be able to view your profile.
Make a connection. Find a new friend. Just have fun! On, you can maintain complete anonymity until you're ready. You have the power to choose what information you want to reveal, when you want to reveal it and to whom you reveal it.
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