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HurryDate is a super fun new way to meet people. www.hurrydate.com bring together tons of singles, a cool bar, lots of drinks and a wild, anything-goes vibe to make each Hurry Date speed dating party a total head-spinning blast. It's a great way to meet lots of new people, while avoiding the agonizing four-hour blind date gone bad.

Hurrydate.com hurrydate.com

Maybe you’re looking to end your dating dry spell. Maybe you just got dumped and are looking for the perfect rebounder. Maybe you're looking for a new tennis partner. Maybe you just want to conduct your own personal study on the favorite ice cream flavors of single people. In any case, you've never experienced anything quite like HurryDate speed dating on your typical night out after work. On your mini-dates you’ll have no problem weeding out the "yeah babys" from the "not if my life depended on its." It’s quick, painless and really fun! REALLY!

So how come speed seems to be so important in dating these days?
When it comes to dating, speed just does the trick! When you date with speed, you get to meet the “mass quantities” of people you wouldn’t meet in a normal dating night! At HurryDate.com , you go on up to 25 dates in on night! Think about it, in order to go on that many dates in a night, your time with each person has to have speed or you’d be there all night long! Hurrydate think three minutes is enough speed for their dating singles to get to know each other, but not too much speed to prevent them from figuring out if their fellow dating buddy is or, sometimes more importantly, is not a potential match!

Plus, with www.hurrydate.com, the online matching system enhances the dating experience and makes up for what speed may prevent - taking a second look. All of the profiles of the people who were at the speed dating party will be there for you to browse through. Because, online, speed is not an issue! You can take your time and decide which of the daters is for you.

So, when you are speed dating you aren't going to be picking out baby names, but speed does help daters meet more people. And as we all know, dating is a numbers game! Dating is better with HurryDate.For more information on our speed dating events, visit hurrydate.com

HurryDate speed dating parties are held at fun, cool bars and lounges in each of many cities. Each party is organized so you’ll meet oodles of people on a string of real live mini-dates. When you check-in, you’ll get a SCOREcard and an ID number that HurryDate.com members will use to identify you with throughout the night to indicate if they would like to see you again.

Your HurryDate.com host will seat you at one of many tables-for-two and explain how everything works. You’ll talk to the person across from you until your host blows the whistle to indicate your date is over (no matter how cute they are!) That’s your signal that it’s time to move onto the next HurryDate member for another whirlwind conversation. And on it goes! Get the picture?

After each date you’ll ever-so-discreetly circle a "yes" or "no" next to each person’s ID number on your SCOREcard to indicate if you want to see them again. Not marry them! Just see them again... whatever that means to you. At the end of the night, you’ll take your SCOREcard home, have a great night’s sleep and enter your SCORES into the hurrydate.com handy-dandy, super-secret online system in the morning.

If you said yes and they said yes (as in you both want to hang out again), you’re a match! From there, it’s up to you to get in touch through hurrydate.com email system that allows you to keep your real email address private…until you want to reveal it!

Think you won’t remember who was who after meeting mass quantities of people in one night? You thought right! Don’t worry…everyone fills out a profile with a photo to help refresh your memory on those you matched with. Sound crazy? It is! But that’s why it’s so much fun! RSVP for the next party in your city now and see what this HurryDate.com business is all about!

Can you really tell if you want to see someone again in such a short amount of time?
Well, you certainly aren't going to be picking out baby names, but before the whistle blows you should be able to tell if they can string a sentence together to your liking, if they have a smile that makes you weak in the knees or if there is a vibe between you. It's just the right amount of time so you can feel out someone you may like but aren't stuck talking to someone you don't for too long!

Is HurryDate.com this speed dating thing I've heard so much about?
It sure is! But you’ve never speed dated quite like HurryDate! You are sure to leave a HurryDate party with your head spinning, your heart beating a mile a minute and a smile that lasts for days. It’s a wild ride and unlike any other night out after work you’ve had in a long time!

Are there any HurryDate success stories?
There sure are! Most people get at least one date out of HurryDate.com, lots of people see each other for awhile, many are dating seriously, and dozens are engaged or married! That just makes their day! But no matter what, you are bound to have a really fun night out…that’s how they define success!

Do you have any advice for the best way to HurryDate?
The best piece of advice we can give you about coming to a HurryDate.com party is JUST HAVE FUN! Occasionally we have seen HurryDate members treat each of their dates like a job interview…this is a definite DON’T! Rattling off your résumé in under three minutes isn’t the best way to gauge if you have a good rapport with someone. While easier said then done, if you take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and relax, you are going to have a great time and have the best chances of connecting with someone you really like.

Visit Hurrydate.com


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