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8 Minute Dating - Speed Dating

The mission of 8 Minute Dating is to provide the best way for people to establish relationships that add meaning to their lives. 8minuteDating events provide a fast, fun, safe and comfortable way for singles to meet one another, live and in person, for dating, friendship or business. 8minuteDating.com is a division of Match Events, Inc., headquartered in Boston, MA.


Tom Jaffee, a successful entrepreneur, founded 8minuteDating.com in January of 2001. In its first two years, Tom grew the company from a one-man start-up to the world's most popular speed dating service, with more than 60,000 customers and 150 Event Organizers planning and holding events in 55 cities in the United States and Canada.

Tom formed 8minuteDating.com after recognizing that the singles population needed a better way to meet new and interesting people. Tired of the bar scene, pick-up lines, blind dates and guessing games, he combined his technical and marketing skills with his experience as a single (at the time), and created a fast, fun, safe and comfortable way for singles to meet others with similar interests, live and in person. It's an approach that works - over 90% of participants meet someone who they want to see again and over 99% report that they enjoyed the event.

How 8 Minute Dating works
1. Write your name and # on your Dating Card and Name sticker.
2. You cannot ask anyone for their last name, phone number, e-mail address, business card or for a date.
3. Your seating assignment card lists which tables to go to for your dates.
4. If a date does not arrive at your table, just notify the Event Organizer.
5. Write the First Name and Number (Name #) of your date in the space provided on the card.
6. After the Event Organizer rings the bell, discreetly check off your Card, and move on to your next date.
7. If you want to meet someone again, Login to www.8minuteDating.com and enter their name number.
8. When two people choose each other for the same category (Dating, Friendship, or Business),then 8 Minute Dating will e-mail the contact information to both people.

8 Minute Dating Rules and Tips
1. Relax and have fun!
2. Keep an open mind. Everyone has something interesting to share - if you ask the right questions.
3. To increase your chances of a match, you can check more than one category.

After the Event:
1. Take this card home with you.
2. Connect to www.8minuteDating.com and Login
3. Enter the ‘Name #’ of the people you’d like to meet again

8 Minute Dating Conversation topics:
1. Where are you from?
2. What kind of work do you do? What’s your ideal job?
3. Do you have any brothers and sisters?
4. What kind of sports do you like? Do you have any hobbies?
5. What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken? Where would you like to go next?
6. Do you like to keep up with current events? What do you think about (pick a news item)?
7. What’s your favorite: Movie, Book, Magazine, TV Show, Band, Restaurant, Food, Drink, Flower, Person?
8. If you had more money than you could spend, how would you spend your time? What do you dream about?

After the Event
How to get your 8 Minute Dating matches:
1. Take this card to a computer (do not leave it at the event!)
2. Go to www.8minutedating.com
3. Log in with your user name (e-mail address) and password.
4. Click ‘Enter Matches’ and Fill out the form.
5. Be sure to complete the form within 36 hours! 8 Minute Dating will send the match e-mails 48 hours after the event.

Find an 8minuteDating event near you!


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